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What is a home Inspection




This is a topic that often generates long and rambling responses from home inspectors.  The short answer is that a home inspection teaches you about your house; What is right or wrong, what needs to be done and how soon, what is a big deal or isn't and what you can do to keep the home in top condition.  If you want the long rambling answer about what a home inspection is, checkout the wikipedia page here.  




Inspection Points of interest

- Framing Structural components

- Foundation

- Roof and Attic

- Interior finished surfaces

- Electrical System

- Plumbing System

- Heating and Air Conditioning

- Kitchen and Bathrooms

This is a brief list of the Structural elements, and Mechanical systems that we will be looking at during the inspection.  For a more complete list of what is typically covered in a home inspection, check out the NAHI Standards of Practice.  We operated at or above these standards to provide the most thorough, educational and complete inspections for our clients.

Don't forget to bring along a check list when you're looking at homes.  Be your own first home inspector:


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